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Do you read the key words of the 2015 audio and lighting industry?(TWO)
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On March 5, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the work of the government at the National People's Congress. Do not think the government work report "tall", do not understand, in fact, the report mentioned a lot of content will be a profound impact on the future development of audio lighting industry. Today, for everyone to explain the 2015 government work report, and audio and lighting industry is closely related to a few key words.

Key words 2: wisdom city

Content: talk about urban construction, Li Keqiang said in the report that the development of intelligent city, protection and heritage of history, regional culture, increase public facilities building.

Interpretation:China's wisdom city development into the scale of the promotion stage, the wisdom of the city's total investment is expected to reach 1.1 trillion yuan, the essence of intelligent city is the information technology and urban development of a high degree of integration, will impulse the safe campus, prison, public security, tourism scenic , Medical, education and other projects, digital communications solutions throughout, the real implementation of it is all kinds of high-tech communications products, including video conferencing, intelligent security equipment, for public broadcasting, conference systems and other integrated manufacturers Is a new market demand that can not be ignored.

The family as the wisdom of the city's smallest cells, only to let each family first to achieve intelligent, the city can be called wisdom, smart home will become a bright city in the construction of a bright spot. For a family of smart home system products, at least should include entertainment, security, home automation and other aspects of the product. Which is involved in the digital living room, smart video, cinema, matching audio and video panels, speakers, intelligent lighting, monitoring systems and other products, for the audio lighting business, is not also a huge market demand?

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