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The audio and lighting industry will usher in structural adjustment period in 2015
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With the horse year sonorous away, the sheep in the unknowingly quietly coming Recalling the professional audio and lighting industry in 2014, manufacturers, agents, engineering firms, distributors and major performance agencies, they all spent a year carefully,just like standing on the thin ice. Many people lamented, since 2013, the professional audio lighting industry has become "bad to do".

In 2011, 2012, when art performance market in China are in the growth, expansion of approximate crazy. According to the relevant data show that the performance market sales growth of 11.9% in 2011, the growth rate is as high as 75.1%, but one into 2013, the state continuous promulgated the 'eight provisions', 'thrift' and other policies, the artistic performance market frequently by the government to pay before ,and now no one paid a single, so that it has been a huge impact to the entire domestic performance market. Has been closely related with the performance of the market professional audio lighting industry, the natural escape, the government project dropped sharply, then the kind of open a factory to earn big money time has gone.

                         In 2015,the audio and light industry will usher in structural adjustment period.


In the short term, the "thrift" has a great impact on the market, but it is an opportunity in the long run. We are aware that if the professional audio and lighting industry has been relying on the government engineering and entertainment market as in the past, this "policy to eat" development model is limiting the long-term healthy development of the industry. Many rnterprises adjust their market structure in 2014, put more energy on the market segment. Education industry, medical industry, discount KTV and even foreign exports and other segments niche to be a new “magic weapon” to help a lot of enterprises out of the market downturn.

In 2015, the "thrift" will continue, the growth rate of the domestic macroeconomic environment will slow down, so 2015 for the sound and lighting industry, I believe it will bea year of re-adjust the market structure and market positioningr.


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